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DON'T QUIT! | Pop Holder

DON'T QUIT! | Pop Holder

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'Rest if you must,  but don't you quit!'

Not buying this pop holder? Never mind. But READ this poem if you have not! "Don't Quit'

Pop holders have a LOT of uses. And its not even funny how we were living without them until now!

  • Go handsfree - Pop holders act as a stand for your device- watch those videos easily now, plus better video calls!
  • Selfie aid - Take selfies effortlessly as your thumb is now free to click
  • You won't drop your phone cause of lose grip!
  • Roll your headphones to the holder-you won't lose them anymore
  • Effortless texting and browsing 

Product Details:

  • Black pop holder- Resin coated
  • Collapsible holder - pops twice
  • Removable holder - The adhesive is strong and you can reposition the holder multiple times
  • Sticks to most devices and cases (some silicone cases/highly textured cases like glitter cases are an exception)

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